Applications for Halal Expo Nigeria 2020 Fair Started

Applications for Halal Expo Nigeria 2020 Fair Started

HALAL EXPO NIGERIA 2020 Fair and Halal Summit will be held in Abuja, the capital of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, which has the largest economy and population of Africa. Abuja Chamber of Commerce (ACC) of ICE to and representative in Turkey organized by the Istanbul Foreigners and Investment Center of Foreign Trade Company Limited of the world organization run by the company is aimed to participate as exhibitors and visitors and the company country over 30.

Food, medicine, cosmetics, consumer electronics, electrical appliances, fashion and accessories, digital and IT consumer products, interior architecture and decoration, fashion, clothing and textiles, jewelery, babies and children at the Fair, where products and services produced with the Halal concept will be exhibited. Products, craft products, travel and tourism, education, media sectors, as well as B2B and business development negotiations will be held.

The Federal Republic of Nigeria has become an ideal market for halal products, with a population of over 100 million Muslims. The halal industry now has an even wider place in every aspect of lifestyle, including food processing and food service, cosmetics, personal care, pharmaceutical and logistics industries, halal travel and accommodation services.

Named as the giant of Africa, Nigeria, the most crowded country of the continent, has rich natural resources and wide agricultural areas. Nigeria is one of the two largest economies in Africa, along with the Republic of South Africa. The country is also one of the world's leading oil producers and exporters. Nigeria, which is among the top 15 countries in the world in crude oil production, ranks 6th in terms of oil exports.

The congress center, which is centrally located between the city of Abuja and Abuja International Airport, provides easy access to all parts of Abuja. The convention center, which covers more than 30 acres and has indoor and outdoor areas, offers a modern infrastructure to local and foreign participants. Located under the roof of the Abuja Chamber of Commerce, Abuja Trade and Congress Center, ATC, has a team of specialists in the field and provides high standards of service with advanced techniques.

Being of the majority Muslim population and the Turkish products and due to the high demand for the brand, IYMER and ABUJA Chamber of Commerce, took a historic step of consumers that are halal trade and halal manufacturing precision than from Turkey and the world has decided to bring the brands together.

We invite you to step into the Nigeria market, which is the largest and richest country in Africa and where more than 100 million Muslims live, to hold business meetings with businessmen from 30 countries of the world, and to participate in the HALAL EXPO NIGERIA 2020 Fair, which offers great opportunities.


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