Turkey-Somalia Cooperation Grows

Turkey-Somalia Cooperation Grows

 A goodwill and cooperation agreement was signed between Istanbul Foreigners and Investment Center Foreign Trade Limited Company (İYMER), which operates in the field of international business and investment development consultancy, and the First Takaful and Re-Takaful company operating in Somalia.

Somali Ankara Ambassador Jama Abdullahi Mohamed and embassy officials attended the signing ceremony, Istanbul Foreigners and Investment Center and Property Investment Turkey Chairman Süleyman Saral and General Manager Fatih Poyraz, First Takaful and Re-Takaful Company Chairman Mohamed Abdi Mohamed, Technical Coordinator Hilal Sheikh Osman and guests were present.

Somali Ambassador Jama Abdullahi Mohamed gave a speech at the signing ceremony, in the Horn of Africa Somalia's largest supporter of such partnerships is very important for the development of economic and trade relations with Turkey, a strategic level would be much more significant commercial partnerships developed relationships, developing he expressed his satisfaction with the sectoral cooperation of the Turkish and Somali private sector for the African and Somali economy, congratulating both companies and wishing them success.

In his speech, İYMER Chairman of the Board of Directors Süleyman Saral emphasized that as a company, they focused on business development studies for the African continent, they are working on business partnership models for East Africa, they will take steps with their local partners especially in the infrastructure, renewable energy, recycling and service sector and they are pioneers in this field. said they aim to be. He stated that Somalia is not only Somalia, and that they will engage in joint investment and business development activities with the Somali diaspora.